All posts are copyrighted by the owner of the Black Book Ninja blog.  Any reproduction of posts in part or in whole, in any format, must be accompanied by a link back to the original blog content unless you’ve gotten express permission to do otherwise.

The same goes for the content I may reference in my posts.  So if you don’t see references, you can assume the content is original.  If you have  a dispute about content, let’s be civil – contact me and we’ll resolve this without bringing in the blood-sucking (er… I mean extremely professional) lawyers.

  • The BB Ninja reserves the right to delete any comment or trackback if it is spam or if he just doesn’t like the look of it. My blog, My rule.
  • If I recommends any products and services, I will disclose any affiliate commission relationship.
  • In many cases, unless I am referencing a public figure, names and events mentioned in this blog may be changed to respect anonymity wishes for those involved.  In those cases, any resemblances to real-world individuals or corporations — living or dead, public or private, acquired or delisted — is purely coincidental.
  • If you consider any post as advice or recommendation, do so at your own free will and deal with the result.  I’m just a blogger, not your life coach.

Thanks to The Cranky Product Manager blog for inspiring my Disclaimer.


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