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Love Your Product Fans – And Your Critics!

Product Managers (and start-up CEOs for that matter) sometimes fall into a problem one of my mentors described as “falling in love with your product”.  You think the widget-a-majig you’ve built is so cool everyone’s got to love it. And you … Continue reading

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Product Management vs. Product Marketing in the “Product Supply Chain”

So some of you looking at careers paths may be faced with the question of whether or not you are or want to be a Product Manager or a Product Marketing Manager. You can certainly Google this for an “expert” … Continue reading

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The Blurring (Alignment?) of Marketing vs. Sales Functions

OK, so this is not really a post true to the Product Marketing / Product Management nature of the blog, but it does apply to career path and growth. Unless your company is so committed to Product Management that they … Continue reading

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What’s the trend in effective B2B technology collateral?

Many of my product marketing pros – especially those in large companies – can end up in “sausage factory” mode where they are cranking out collateral and white papers without thinking about how effective it is.  So it’s good to … Continue reading

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Pragmatic Marketing Releases Annual Survey Results

So PragmaticMarketing does all product marketing and product management professionals a big favor each year with their annual survey which includes salaries and responsibilities …. …This ends up making people feel pretty good about themselves (I’m paid well against the … Continue reading

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Product Positioning and Messaging: how much control do Product Managers really have?

Maybe I’m late to the game talking about this, but it’s a relevant point to bring up. Positioning and messaging: what you say about your product to the market, how you try to impact the market view of  your product, … Continue reading

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I’m getting an MBA – How do I get started in Product Marketing?

First of all, apologies for the recent infrequent postings.  I know that is a major sin if my goal is to ever drive a lot of traffic (it’s not) and remain relevant in the blogosphere (I’m not that narcissistic but … Continue reading

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