You Got a Public Customer Article Out … Now What?

With lawyers (i.e. people paid to say “no”) ruling PR with an iron hand these  days, it’s getting harder and harder to get articles or earned media where your latest big happy customer is named publicly.  Some days it feels like winning the Boston Marathon when you get a story out like this.

There will be some people in your company who recognize what you just accomplished and give you some credit (write that down for when annual review time comes around). But just when you start to feel good about yourself, you are likely to run into some “glass is half empty” people.  They will say things like:

“Well, the customer really didn’t give a strong endorsement in the article”, or “That must have been really easy to get since we made the customer so happy.”

Well, first of all, ignore all those pessimistic f***kers.

But if you’ve really done your prep and homework, the did not stop at the article in terms of how you’ve leveraged this customer currency.  Chances  are, if the article is nice, the customer has been conditioned to do a little more for you – especially if it makes them or their company look good.

Here’s some other ideas you should have planned or (or can try to follow up with):

  • Article Reprint – for your e-mail marketing campaign; this is prime MOFU (middle of the funnel) content.
  • Customer focused webinar (doing a webinar without a customer is like doing a painting on canvas with only white paint).  Don’t forget to set it up for replay.
  • Slideshare that baby – get that content from the webinar out there on slideshare or any number of other places); make sure you give it a good title for SEO.
  • Case Study – hey, it doesn’t have to be 20 pages; these days people like 3-5 page case studies (unless you are talking about a very technical subject).    If the customer needs you to write it for them to edit and approve, by all means take them up on it.

I am probably missing a bunch of other ways to repurpose the content, but the bottom line is, you’ve just struck gold.  Spread the wealth and make it last.


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