The Presidential Election as an Enteprise Software deal…

Ok, so this is not suddenly going to turn into turn into a political blog, and any replies or comments better be civil and lighthearted. But for those in Enterprise software sales and marketing, by comparison the debate between President Obama and Governor Romney seems like a playground fight.

Those of us with battle scars have heard the term from our VP of Sales when competition in a deal gets really tough and it’s time to “break out the guns and knives”, as they say.  Things can get downright rough and dirty in Enterprise sales where the stakes are high, so you see something akin to negative campaigning and every trick you can pull out of your sleeve. We also see parallels in that it often is a popularity contest in software sales.  After all the technical are analyzed, people will still admit “I buy from people I like”.

Elections, like software sales, are also about stories and narratives that voters (and buyers) can relate to.  So in rather crude simplification of the narratives, here’s what the candidates might sound like if they were selling software:

Romney:  “You’ve been using my competitor’s software for FOUR YEARS, and it still hasn’t worked the way they promised!  Isn’t it time you threw it out?  Or do you want FOUR MORE YEARS OF THE SAME?”

Obama: “Here’s the deal…what my competitor is saying is that he promises he can do a better job.  But remember four years ago? My competitor is trying to sell you the SAME SOFTWARE you threw out four years ago!”

Of course, if this were an Enterprise software deal battle between two established vendors, you would need a young hip sales rep to come in and say: “Screw both of these guys.  LET’S MOVE YOUR APP TO THE CLOUD!”

And so it goes…remember to be civil in any replies.  This is a lighthearted  blog, after all.

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