What’s the trend in effective B2B technology collateral?

Many of my product marketing pros – especially those in large companies – can end up in “sausage factory” mode where they are cranking out collateral and white papers without thinking about how effective it is.  So it’s good to pause at take an objective look every once in a while.

I recently found an interesting free report from Eccolo Media on how things are trending around B2B collateral since their last survey in 2008.  Only 8 pages and not a bad read (click on the graphic above to see the whole report). Here are some highlights:

  • There are more ways to “get the word out” than ever before, with social media, blog posts, e-Books and dynamic presentations in addition to traditional case studies, white papers and even video (which is getting “established”)
  • Data Sheet and White Paper consumption down a bit (because of other sources) but they are still “king of  the hill”
  • Readers feel best White Papers are 6 pages long or less and Case Studies 4 pages long or less

Interesting reading.  My colleague who runs marketing lead gen program reminds me though that her research tells her the SUBJECT matter of your content, and it’s relevancy to your target audience /market remains the ultimate goal for success of the collateral / offer.

Wise words indeed.

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