Pragmatic Marketing Releases Annual Survey Results

So PragmaticMarketing does all product marketing and product management professionals a big favor each year with their annual survey which includes salaries and responsibilities ….

…This ends up making people feel pretty good about themselves (I’m paid well against the average) or rather PO’ed or depressed (I’m paid  much LESS than the average).

If you fall into the former category, you will also appreciate where the max  salary for a PM tops out at (though it’s very regionally specific and depends somewhat on education, technical ability, and responsibilities).   This year it looks like the overall average compensation is $98k + 13K in bonuses.  Slightly up from the $96.5 average just last year.  The best PMs seem to top out at $150k more or less.  Like any other job at some point you have to be in the people management business (as a Director / VP) to break the compensation ceiling.

If you fall into the later category (paid under average), you may sulk but better to spend your time to see where you can change your situation.  Generally, if you are more technical, better educated, and more experienced, you *should* expect your compensation to move toward the middle or upper part of the salary curve.  If you are really underpaid, then I suggest the problem may be the value your company puts (or not) on Product Management / Product Marketing.

Then there is a third category of folks besides correctly or under compensated, which I’ll call “some days you cant pay me ENOUGH to do this job).   Alas I think when you live in between the intersection of multiple worlds like Sales, Engineering, Exec Management and the Customer, PM / PMMs will have more days like that then most.  Please don’t go home and  kick the dog on days like that.   In fact if you have a dog it’s a good thing on days like that.  You are always “master” to him as long as the chicken jerky treats keep coming.

English: US Gender Pay gap, by industry, 2009

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One thing the survey does not seem to delve into (but I suspect would confirm my suspicions) is that that most professions, there is a gender pay-gap.  As a father of two girls it’s a sad reality.  However I would hope that the gap in the technology field and especially PM / PMMs is smaller than the workforce in general.  So of course I had to go look for  an infographic on this and well, here you go.  What is so TOTALLY unexpected is that one of the smaller gender gaps in pay is in the CONSTRUCTION business where women who can work that industry earn about 90% of what men do.  Go figure.

In any case click on the graphic at the top of the page to see full results at Pragmatic Marketing or also go here:

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