Product Positioning and Messaging: how much control do Product Managers really have?

Maybe I’m late to the game talking about this, but it’s a relevant point to bring up.

Positioning and messaging: what you say about your product to the market, how you try to impact the market view of  your product, is a revered tenet of product marketing / management.  Heck, it’s the 5th “P”.

And many training programs, books, and classes will stress how important positioning is.  Positioning drives your MESSAGE to the market.

But with the advent of the Internet, social media (Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, even FaceBook), your ability to control you positioning and messaging has been democratized.  Because it matters less now what YOU say about your product or service.  If you’re truly a player in the market, OTHER PEOPLE are adding their voices to the conversation.

So if you have always discounted all of the technologies and web sites above, I would encourage you to at least analyze the impact they have / don’t have on your product and the market that you’re in.  Know what the market is saying, and how this reshapes how your company is positioned in the mind of the market.

If there’s a lot of buzz, and it’s incorrect or harmful – you need to know about it and manage is as much as you can.  Ignore it is not an option.

And if you are NOT part of the buzz at all…..we’ll that’s a DIFFERENT problem.

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