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Getting acquired – the sometimes ugly truth about the motivation of your Execs

It happens.  Especially in larger corporations where you may be insulated from what Senior Execs are thinking:  you think you’re doing a good job, positioning the company, giving market input into product strategy… and then… BAM!  Your company is sold … Continue reading

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Sales Training – give them fish or teach them how to fish?

(photo courtesy As Seen in If you look at the breakdown of PM / PMM responsibilities, “Sales Enablement” often encompasses a series of tasks, including “Sales Training”. “Sales Training? Really? What the heck does a Sales guy want to … Continue reading

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The Global Nature of Product Marketing and Management

In some countries, not being culturally aware could be hazardous to your well-being 🙂 I just returned from the UK where my company did a private seminar for prospects, featuring an industry analyst and a customer as speakers.  It was … Continue reading

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Presentation skills training – what it’s like – why you need it.

So PowerPoint is not evil after all (used correctly). But that’s just a tool.  How about presentation skills?  If you do not think they are CRUCIAL to being a PM Ninja, then you are sadly mistaken. Why?  As Steve Johnson … Continue reading

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