Do I have the skills and talents for Product Management or Marketing?

We’ve discussed desire to look into Product Management or Product Marketing, and we’ve touched on the training.  But people who sell training services or books to help get you there may not ask a tough question you have to ask yourself….

Do I have the skills / talent to be a Product Manager or Product Marketing Manager?

For example, maybe you want to be an artist but can you draw?  Or a professional basketball player – but you are 4 foot 9.

In many ways you can think of the core set of skills and orient them around the key tools in Microsoft Office – something Steve Johnson at Pragmatic Marketing offered up as a meme for consideration.

  • PowerPoint – for the presenter and public speaker in you
  • Excel – for the business analyst in you
  • Word – for the requirements analyst in you

We’ll address each of these areas in separate posts – but it is an honest question you should ask yourself. Am I a strong and creative communicator of ideas?  Do I have some business analysis acumen?  Can I approach problems analytically and document solution ideas?  Some people suggest you needed the rounded skill set that qualifies you to be “CEO” of a product… or even a company (see related articles).

Some of these skills can be learned.  Some just have be part of your DNA.  The good news is, as a programmer or engineer, you may have more of these skills and talents than you think.  Or, if you are honest with yourself, maybe not 🙂

More to come….

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