Is engineering / software development REALLY your thing?

It all starts with self-examination.

In the vein of “just might be a redneck” humor, consider the following if you are currently an engineer / software developer examining your career path:

  • If you don’t aspire to be the “best developer” or engineer on your team
  • If you don’t like the idea of dozens of annual reviews and managing a group of engineers
  • If you actually do feel like you have a little “sales” DNA in you
  • If you actually do like speaking to end users and / or buyers of software
  • If you find you do like writing, presenting, even the occasional spreadsheet

2 or less out of 5: forget it.  Engineering may be your calling (even if you’re mediocre) or you have more soul-searching to do.

3 or 4 out of 5: Hmm… tell me about Sales Engineer jobs again?

5 out of 5:  You just… might … be a Product Manager (or Product Marketing Manager)

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