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Does Brand Matter for Growing Tech Firms?

          Branding.  For you cowboys, I am not talking about cattle. The question is, when does it start to matter for smaller, growing technology firms?  Does it only matter for product companies? What about services companies? … Continue reading

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The Software and IT Business – Simplified

Sometimes, guys, simple is best.

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You Got a Public Customer Article Out … Now What?

With lawyers (i.e. people paid to say “no”) ruling PR with an iron hand these  days, it’s getting harder and harder to get articles or earned media where your latest big happy customer is named publicly.  Some days it feels … Continue reading

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The Democratization of Knowledge – how this Impacts Product Marketing

There has been a lot of debate on how to use and measure the impact of social media in B2B marketing. Other than the fact that Facebook is probably a waste of time, there is still little consensus on the … Continue reading

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‘Twas the Night Before Product Launch

‘Twas the night before product launch, when all through the building Not a person was stirring, not even engineering   The PR was ready, timed with great care, In hopes that the media pickup soon would be there   The … Continue reading

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Start with the WHY.

Start with the WHY. That is the simple mantra that inspirational speaker and Ted Talk graduate Simon Sinek has built an entire career around. Sinek’s Ted Talk was shared with me by my CEO and is a reminder that sometimes … Continue reading

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What a French Baguette Can Teach Us About Product Marketing

Sorry for the long hiatus between posts.  I do have a day job. In any case, I’ve just returned from a vacation to Paris where I enjoyed the sights, and the wonderful quality and flavors of French wine, cheese, and … Continue reading

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