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Death by PowerPoint – Part 3 – How to Get it RIGHT

Just to be clear, I am not a PowerPoint basher (see Parts 1 and 2).  I just hate bad PowerPoint.  It’s a shame people invest so much time in great ideas, and so little time figuring out how to present … Continue reading

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Death by PowerPoint – Part 2 – The Gettysburg Address

Have you ever thought how a short but brilliant speech like the Gettysburg Address would have looked in PowerPoint? This point was explored satirically by Peter Norvig, a computer scientist currently serving as Director of Research at Google, Inc.  Why … Continue reading

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Death by PowerPoint – Part 1 – Anatomy of bad presentations

The hilarious video below from comedian Don MacMillan illustrates why most people HATE PowerPoint. Ah.  PowerPoint. Microsoft’s gift – and curse – to the business world.  It’s also my favorite tool of the MS Office “holy trinity” … but only … Continue reading

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One fish… two fish… red fish… blue fish

Engineers or developers looking to become Product Managers or Product Marketing Managers have usually not had much exposure to Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet programs unless they were project or group managers who needed to track costs.  But that is … Continue reading

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Japan Earthquake

As the tragedy in Japan deepens, I feel compelled to simply post today that everyone should consider a donation to the Japanese Red Cross or UNICEF. The earthquake and tsunami victims need our help. Related articles Japan earthquake and tsunami … Continue reading

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So in our last post we talked about the tools in Microsoft Office as things every Product Manager should learn to know and love well.  And the tool that makes most sense to engineers aspiring to be Product Managers is … Continue reading

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Do I have the skills and talents for Product Management or Marketing?

We’ve discussed desire to look into Product Management or Product Marketing, and we’ve touched on the training.  But people who sell training services or books to help get you there may not ask a tough question you have to ask … Continue reading

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Your opinion, although interesting….

….is irrelevant. After NIHITO, this is actually my 2nd favorite Twitter-sized lesson from the folks at Pragmatic Marketing. For would-be-Product-Managers with an engineering or technical background – grounded in logical thinking – you would think that this would resonate. What … Continue reading

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What the heck is NIHITO?

In my first class with Pragmatic Marketing – one thing stood out.  That was when instructor Steve Johnson wrote the following on the board: NIHITO ™ What’s NIHITO?  No it’s not some expensive piece of sushi.  It stands for Nothing … Continue reading

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Where do I get my Product Management or Product Marketing degree?

Good question.  You may be hard pressed to find anything from academia. I was lucky about mid-way through my career to work for a company that realized this, so they sent me to a series of training programs from the … Continue reading

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